Novitas-ROYAL is an open-access journal offering unlimited use of published articles. All our articles are published under a creative commons (CC BY) license, and its head editors cover all the expenses. Starting on July 15, 2023, an article processing charge is issued due to the publication costs, including the payments made to our exceptional reviewers and the DOI numbers to be issued starting in the earliest issue.

Novitas-ROYAL offers publication opportunities for authors under certain circumstances. Authors with research articles published in a journal indexed in SSCI or A&HCI are exempt from article processing charges if published in or after 2021. Journals continuing their publication in Turkey are not within this scope as their authors must pay the charges.

Please fill out the form if you meet the criteria, attach your article to the form, and email it to to be exempt from the charges.

If a paper is rejected, authors can re-submit their work within three months (free of charge) on condition that they guarantee that the new version is re-written, having considered all the feedback made by the reviewers.

Please note that the double-blind peer-review process begins after the payment. Therefore, please send the bank receipt to as soon as you submit an article.

For the Bank Account Information, please email (Write “Bank Account Info” into the Subject Line of Your Email- You do not need to write anything in the body of the email).


Publication Fee Form (download)


Novitas-ROYAL is mainly interested in the relationship between various aspects of teaching and learning of foreign languages with a special emphasis on English Language Teaching. Topics of articles should be related to youth in the following categories:

  • Youth and language
  • Discourse and discursive constructions
  • Foreign language teaching
  • Teaching culture and intercultural issues
  • Gender and language
  • Language education
  • Language acquisition
  • CALL
  • Applied linguistics
  • Youth and curricula
  • Literature and literature teaching

Articles should be between 2.000-10.000 words long.

Each article should include an abstract of no more than 250 words and up to 5 keywords in English. All abstracts and keywords are translated into Turkish by the journal staff. Authors have the privilege of adding another abstract and keywords in any other language in addition to English and Turkish.

Authors should include the following information on a separate sheet of paper: name, institutional affiliation and position, e-mail address, web page, and research interests.

Prior to submission, articles should first be assessed by the author using the Reviewers’ Checklist, also used by the editorial board, to check whether the article meets the basic requirements of the journal.

All articles submitted are refereed by at least two specialist reviewers.

Time for submission to decision is around 60 days. Once an article is accepted, it is published in the closest issue of the journal.

It is expected that the submitted article is not currently under consideration for another publication and has not been published before.

Articles should be written in accordance with APA or MLA styles. Whichever style is used, there must be consistency. The following web pages can be used to obtain a condensed version of the guidelines:

For APA style:
For MLA style:

Authors of accepted manuscripts will assign to Novitas-ROYAL the permanent right to electronically distribute their articles, but they will retain their copyright. After the article has appeared in Novitas-ROYAL, authors may republish their texts as long as they clearly acknowledge Novitas-ROYAL as the original publisher and the only source for citation purposes.