Welcome to the new issue of Novitas-ROYAL (Research on Youth and Language). Since its inaugural issue published in 2007, more than twenty indexing agencies have found Novitas-ROYAL (Research on Youth and Language) worthy of inclusion in their indices, including ULAKBIM and ERIC. Novitas-ROYAL (Research on Youth and Language) has also published studies submitted by researchers across thirty different countries and welcomed readers from at least twice as many. With this issue, we have initiated our fifteenth volume. In this issue, the articles published focus on teacher education, discourse analysis, teacher identity, intercultural sensitivity, online language learning, and global issues. We believe that these studies will add to the related literature while supporting future research on youth and language. Finally, we thank our readers, reviewers, and authors for making these achievements possible. We hope you enjoy reading the articles published.

Mehmet Galip ZORBA, Ph.D.

Design and Evaluation of an International Baccalaureate Educator Certificate (IBEC) Programme as an Alternative Teacher Education Programme
Görsev SÖNMEZ, Burcu GÜRKAN, Nuri Can AKSOY | pp. 1-16
Volume 15 Issue 1
Foreign Language Learning Effort and Use of Digital Media among Digital Natives: A Case Study from an Urban Secondary School
Gülten GENÇ & Dinçay KÖKSAL | pp. 17-37
Volume 15 Issue 1
Written Discourse Completion Tasks in the Foreign Language Examination (YDS)
Zülal AYAR | pp. 38-56
Volume 15 Issue 1
Exploring Pre-Service English Teachers’ Early Teacher Identity in Relation to Emerging ICT Technologies Training
Tuncer CAN & Cemil Gökhan KARACAN | pp. 57-75
Volume 15 Issue 1
Exploring Pre-Service and Novice EFL Teachers’ Intercultural Sensitivity
Semin KAZAZOĞLU1 & Esra ECE | pp. 76-89
Volume 15 Issue 1
Supplementary Online Study Platform for an Oral Communication Skills Course: Implementation, Evaluation and Suggestions
Sercan SAĞLAM | pp. 90-117
Volume 15 Issue 1
Uncovering EFL Learners’ Perspectives on a Course Integrating Global Issues and Language Learning
Nalan BAYRAKTAR BALKIR | pp. 118-133
Volume 15 Issue 1