Welcome to the new issue of Novitas-ROYAL (Research on Youth and Language). Since its inaugural issue published in 2007, more than twenty indexing agencies have found Novitas-ROYAL (Research on Youth and Language) worthy of inclusion in their indices, including ULAKBIM and ERIC. Novitas-ROYAL (Research on Youth and Language) has also published studies submitted by researchers across thirty different countries and welcomed readers from at least twice as many. With this issue, we have initiated our fifteenth volume. In this issue, the articles published focus on teacher education, discourse analysis, teacher identity, intercultural sensitivity, online language learning, and global issues. We believe that these studies will add to the related literature while supporting future research on youth and language. Finally, we thank our readers, reviewers, and authors for making these achievements possible. We hope you enjoy reading the articles published.

Mehmet Galip ZORBA, Ph.D.

Context-Dependent and Context-Independent Task Development in Examining Verb Complementation Patterns in English
Serap ATASEVER BELLİ, Sibel SÖĞÜT | p1-20
Current Issue, Volume 15 Issue 2
Vocabulary Size: Experiences of Successful Vocabulary Learners in EFL Context
Current Issue, Volume 15 Issue 2
The ‘Sink or Swim’ Dilemma: Mindsets of Successful and Underachieving EFL Learners at a School of Foreign Languages
Current Issue, Volume 15 Issue 2
Examining the Turkish Language Curriculum in terms of E-Learning, M-Learning, and U-Learning
Mazhar BAL, Filiz UDÜL | p52-65
Current Issue, Volume 15 Issue 2
A Case Study of a Turkish-English Bilingual Child: Focus on the Advantages of Phonological Processing
Bora DEMİR | p66-80
Current Issue, Volume 15 Issue 2
The Driving Forces Behind Monolingual and Bilingual EnglishMedium Instruction: A Comparison of Students’ Perspectives in Turkey
Özgür ŞAHAN, Kari SAHAN | p81-97
Current Issue, Volume 15 Issue 2