Welcome to the new issue of Novitas-ROYAL (Research on Youth and Language). Since its inaugural issue published in 2007, more than twenty indexing agencies have found Novitas-ROYAL (Research on Youth and Language) worthy of inclusion in their indices, including ULAKBIM and ERIC. Novitas-ROYAL (Research on Youth and Language) has also published studies submitted by researchers across thirty different countries and welcomed readers from at least twice as many. With this issue, we have initiated our fifteenth volume. In this issue, the articles published focus on teacher education, discourse analysis, teacher identity, intercultural sensitivity, online language learning, and global issues. We believe that these studies will add to the related literature while supporting future research on youth and language. Finally, we thank our readers, reviewers, and authors for making these achievements possible. We hope you enjoy reading the articles published.

Mehmet Galip ZORBA, Ph.D.

A Path-Analytical Investigation of Perceptual Learning Styles, Future Self-guides and L2 Motivation
Aycan DEMİR-AYAZ | p.1-19
Volume 16 Issue 1
The Case of the Missing ‘so’: Clarification Requests, Discourse Markers and Achieving Alignment in Spoken Interaction
Shane DONALD | p.20-33
Volume 16 Issue 1
Project-Based Learning in English Language Teaching at a Rural School: A Case Study from Turkey
Elif KEMALOGLU-ER & Muazzez Tugce SAHIN | p.34-55
Volume 16 Issue 1
Syntactic Complexity and Lexical Complexity in Argumentative Writing: Variation by Proficiency
Aysel SARICAOGLU & Nesrin ATAK | p.56-73
Volume 16 Issue 1
Adaptation and Validation of the Intercultural Sensitivity Scale to Turkish EFL Contexts and for Young Learners
Özge Pelin NAZLI & Asuman AŞIK | p.74-96
Volume 16 Issue 1
Speech Acts or Speech Act Sets of Refusals: Some Evidence from Thai L2 Learners
Attapol KHAMKHIEN | p.97-121
Volume 16 Issue 1
The Effects of Captioning and Keyword-captioning on the Comprehension and Awareness of EFL Learners
Banu INAN KARAGUL, Dogan YUKSEL & Richard R. DAY | p. 122-135
Volume 16 Issue 1
Academic Procrastination and Motivational Factors of Turkish EFL Learners: A Correlational Study
Ahmet MUNZER MARDİNİ & Fadime YALÇIN ARSLAN | p.135-148
Volume 16 Issue 1