Editorial Welcome for Volume 17 Issue 2 October 2023

Welcome to the new issue of Novitas-ROYAL. Since 2007, more than twenty indexing agencies have found Novitas-ROYAL worthy of inclusion in their indices and repositories, including ERIC, SCOPUS, and TUBITAK-ULAKBIM (TR Dizin). Novitas-ROYAL has also published studies submitted by researchers across thirty different countries and welcomed readers from at least twice as many countries. We thank our readers, reviewers, and authors for making these achievements possible. With this issue, we have completed our seventeenth volume. In this issue, the articles examine matters about the process-genre approach to academic reading and writing, pre-service teachers’ challenges during practicum, evaluation of oral English program, variations in academic writing, English teachers’ identity, using picture dictionaries for vocabulary learning, pre-service English teachers’ commitment and EAP students’ conceptualization of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With their precious findings, in-depth insights, and critical implications for language teaching and learning, all these studies add to the literature and support future research on youth and language. We hope that you enjoy reading the articles published in this issue. As the editorial team of Novitas-ROYAL, we would like to give special thanks to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa MAKAV for his guidance and contributions to the publication of this issue.

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Mehmet Galip ZORBA, Ph.D.

Exploring EAP Students’ Conceptualization of Sustainable Development Goals: Implications for Higher Education
Mehmet Galip ZORBA | pp. 112-127
Volume 17 Issue 2
Pre-service EFL Teachers’ Immunity Perceptions Concerning Their Perceived Teacher Commitment Levels
Aydan IRGATOĞLU & Özkan KIRMIZI | pp. 95-111
Volume 17 Issue 2
The Effects of Picture Dictionaries in Promoting Vocabulary Development of EFL Learners at Tertiary Level
Saban KARA & Turgay KUCUK | pp. 80-94
Volume 17 Issue 2
Unveiling the Metamorphosis: English Teachers’ Shifting Identity in the Context of Post-COVID-19 Distance Education
Gamze ERDEM COŞGUN & Perihan SAVAŞ | pp. 66-79
Volume 17 Issue 2
Variation in Academic Writing: A Corpus-Based Research on Syntactic Features across Four Disciplinary Divisions
Muhammad AHMAD, Muhammad Asim MAHMOOD & Ali Raza SIDDIQUE | pp. 50-65
Volume 17 Issue 2
Evaluating Oral English Program for Non-English Major Students: Focusing on Self-Assessment of Students’ Speaking Abilities and Their Needs
La DUNIFA | pp. 34-49
Volume 17 Issue 2
Weathering the Storm: Unraveling the Challenges of EFL Student Teaching in Ukraine
Marianna LŐRINCZ & Oleh KOMAR | pp. 13-33
Volume 17 Issue 2
Process-Genre Approach in Mixed-Ability Classes: Correlational Study between EFL Academic Paragraph Reading and Writing
Abduljalil Nasr HAZAEA | pp. 1-12
Volume 17 Issue 2