Peer Review

Novitas-ROYAL guarantees fair review of all articles submitted to the journal. As soon as an article is submitted through the system, the editor reads the manuscript and evaluates the article to ensure that it carries the qualities that is expected from a scientific article that is ready to be published after peer reviewing. At this stage, the editor uses the following checklist to check on the accuracy of the article submitted. Click to see the editorial checklist.

If the article submitted passes this stage, it is then accepted for peer reviewing and will be sent to two reviewers who are experts in the field. Two reviewers read the article submitted in blind peer-review fashion during which anonymity is strictly employed. The form used by the reviewers can be found here:

If both reviewers send opposing decisions, the third reviewer is employed whose decision results in the overall decision on the manuscript submitted. When an unethical concern is raised, it is the editor’s decision which announces the overall decision on the manuscript submitted.